about me

My name’s Matthew Tingle, and I’m 23 years old. I picked up my camera in early 2017 thinking I wanted to capture all of the amazing moments in my travels, and every day life. For some reason I thought I needed a file cabinet full of moments from my life so that I could reminisce upon everything that I’ve been through. While this may have been my initial reasoning behind purchasing a camera, I’ve found so many positives and enjoyment in taking photos for myself and others. With my camera I’m always chasing the next awe-inspiring moment, the next view that you just had to be there to experience. It’s made me more active, and more appreciative of the Earth that we live on, and along the way taking photos has taught me it’s about being in the moment as well as capturing it that’s the most gratifying part.

During the day I have a desk job, but taking photos is a large passion of mine and turning it into a career one day would be something I’d be very proud of. For now, I’m fond of taking photos in my free time and during my travels. Originally I didn’t feel the need to share my photos with others, but in the last year I’ve found enjoyment in sharing through forms of social media, and slowly moving into prints. If you’re interested in a print, please contact me through the contact tab above, and if you’d like you can follow me on Instagram by clicking the following link: tinglestravels or the instagram logo below.